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October 19, 2009



I have the condition Bechterew or SA and I also have this gene HLA B27. Could it be that this gene simply attacks any strange attack on the body? For example I have an uprising of pain each year in the months of october/november and february/march. These months of the year are equal with the changing of the seasons, the fall and spring.
It has been proven that this change in nature causes a change in the body chemistry especially in the colen. Now this change in body chemistry could be seen by the gene as a hostile attack on the body itself. Are there scientific studies on that? Do you think this can be case? And what can be done about this?
gtz Bart

fay Boardman

Hi, when I go for a long walk, I get a pain in my left foot for a short while. Now I have been ex-rayed and I have a Calcaneus Spur and have been told I have this HLA B 27 gene. please advise


@Coppensbart: i am HLA b27 positive and suffering from AS. My grand father has same condition as you said, except that he gets pains/changes in the body during august/September months of year(climate changing in india). i am not sure he is hla b27 positive or not.

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