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October 26, 2009



Dr. Groopman's experience with orthopedic surgeons and his wrist pain does not surprise me. I'm a rheumatologist, and I am no longer surprised at how infrequently an orthopedist performs a diagnostic arthrocentesis on obviously swollen joint. They are more likely to MRI the joint, then somehow do an operation on some minor MRI finding, then wonder why the patient is no better...and not even get a piece of tissue for pathology at the time of operation, nor ever learn that an inflammed joint looks different than a non-inflammed joint on visual inspection during an operation. I tend not to think of orthopedist as diagnosticians anymore.


I agree. I wasn't really surprised by the orthopedic management, after all they, are orthopods. But why did Groopman, an internist, continue to seek orthopedic solutions to what sounds like an inflammatory condition?

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