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January 05, 2009



How true. I trained at a large prestigious Midwestern tertiary academic center, now in private practice in central PA. Because of the volumes of patients and availability, I now see alot more inflammatory disorders than I did as a fellow. While I see less sick SLE, I see alot more vasculitides and other connective tissue disorders. That's not to say that I see alot more Fibro, back pain, or plain OA, but patients don't usually come to me with established rheum diagnoses, and my established rheum colleagues have developed a reputation for docs who can diagnose and treat well. And although there is an academic center a few miles away, the rheum department has a long patient waiting list and some patients don't want the rigamarole of being a patient at large center (med students, fellows, not sure how to reach the doctor, etc).


I didn't google until after I got my RA diagnosis. I did have to leave my private practice combo internist/rheum for an academic rheum though, to get more aggressive treatment and to not have him dictating WHILE I was relating history. His staff was not the best either.

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