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December 14, 2008



I'm only a second year med student, so I haven't settled on my path yet. I've been having fun shadowing physicians from all sorts of fields. It's interesting to observe the practice styles of different physicians.

I'm finding second year is a great time to get mentored. Last year I didn't know enough to really participate in conversations. I'm starting to understand things better now, and I'm listening to what everyone has to say. I'm finding physicians have a lot of good will towards second year students; we're still not at the point where we have to meet clinical expectations, but we're at the point where we can be introduced to a lot of things. I haven't met anyone grumpy yet (I expect that might change when I start my clinical education!)


Good, I hope you never do meet a dementor. Fortunately, while gruff, inconsiderate, and lazy docs are plentiful enough, the truly pathologic are quite rare. Enjoy the ride and don't forget to try out rheumatology.


Thanks! I was involved in a lupus project as a MSI, and this got me interested in rheumatology. Would you mind posting about "a day in the life of a rheumatologist"?


Yeah!!! THose dementors are out there!!! They did affect me once - two dementors - one much worse. the other itermittent.

Anyhow, they are there and if you are prepared, then the less effect it will have on you!!!

Don't let them stop you from loving rheumatology!!!

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