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June 25, 2008


Ian Furst

seems funny that pain, disability and compensation would be the major predictors of homicidal thoughts (no seriously). One would assume it results from patient dissatisfaction. My understanding is that the tangible aspects of health care (personality, waiting, facilities) are the major predictors of satisfaction. Why the difference? Flawed study? An odd inception cohort?


As I mentioned, I did not really see any of the real study results, but I am not really surprised. Wait times and facilities are aggravating but are often attributed to the system, not the MD. Disability and compensation though are seen to be in the hands of the MD him/herself. If he would just say this or that, my life would be made so much easier. As well, while you may consider changing an MD that you don't like, this is rarely possible in compensation cases. Trapped patients are likely to be more hostile.

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