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July 07, 2009



As an RA patient who pretty much owes her functionality to Enbrel, I'm always of two minds about things like this.

Of course competition keeps drug companies on their toes and always searching for the newest big thing, but it's hard to get behind anyone in cases of this sort. It seems only to get in the way of patient access.


I agree it's hard to cheer for anybody. The extra billions won't convince schering to share the wealth by decreasing their prices. Besides, tomorrow Abbott might be buying Schering or vice versa. I just keep my fingers crossed that the drugs keep coming and the insurance companies keep paying.


Agreed - I've been lucky that, with a lot of fight and pushing of pencils on the part of my rheumatologist and myself, I've had almost 6 years of (nearly) consistent coverage of Enbrel.

It's a constant back-and-forth, though. Each year my insurance company seem to think I've miraculously stopped needing it, and we go through the process of proving that I do all over again.

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