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March 15, 2009



We recently registered for our medical school clerkships. I'm pretty sure I want to go into internal medicine, so I signed up for interesting medicine electives - rheumatology, hematology, pulmonary, nephrology, & oncology. But I'm also thinking about family medicine, too. And pathology.

When did you decide you wanted to go into internal medicine and then subspecialize?


With those electives you sound like a born internist, but I like that you are keeping an open mind. Pathology? Maybe too open. Just kidding but it's interesting that you are vacillating between no patient contact and total patient contact. Internal med is right in between and the number of subspecialties guarantees that you'll find something of interest. I went into my R1 thinking cardiology but had changed my mind after my first rotation. Didn't even think of rheumatology until the end of my R2 yr. If you look at my Why I became a rheumatologist category you'll get a flavour of the decision making process. Good luck and enjoy the ride.


Thanks for pointing out the FM-IM-Path spectrum for me - it helps me realize why I'm attracted to internal medicine. I like how pathologists "think" and I also like how family medicine doctors get to interact and form relationships with their patients. IM seems like a satisfying balance.

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