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August 28, 2007


Carrie Beth - RA Patient

Thank you for your site and for telling it like it is. Your comment about Rheumatology being "Odd, debilitating diseases with mysterious origins and uncertain treatments. Intelligent clinicians sometimes forced into seat-of-the-pants treatments. A world of mysteries, large and small." is dead on and I'm sure most (if not all) of your patients agree with you.

I know I personally feel that my body is mysterious and untelling, strange and unpredictable - it's perhaps THE most frustrating part of the disease!

Maybe if we had more Rheumatologists, like you, who were interested in solving the mystery (if not just understanding it a bit more) - we might just have better and more pain free lives.

I salute you for your efforts and for your valuable web site. Keep blogging!


This is the first blog by a Rheumatologist that I have come across. You have described this disease quite accurately. I enjoyed reading about the epiphany surrounding your career choice. I wish more of your colleagues were as educated and empathetic to patients with this disease.

Those of us with RA truly appreciate Rheumatologists with the need to solve the mysteries of our illness and not just push us clinically through treatment with pills. Thank you. Please keep blogging.


And here all these years I was thinking that with RA patients you can have an orderly life and regular vacations, not many call outs at night and so on. Those seemed like attractors to me

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